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Total Film chatted with Sam Raimi (the director of Oz The Great and Powerful) about the movie, cast and much more. Check out the scans and read some interesting quotes below!

About The Wizard of Oz:
“I think The Wizard of Oz is such a great film and I would never attempt to [remake that]. You could call [Oz] a prequel, that would be accurate – but I didn’t have to re-invent any of that fantastic history.”

About James Franco (Oz):
“James had to be someone who was selfish and he learns to be less so through the power of love. I’ve had experiences with James over 10 years of making the Spider-Man movies and I saw him as a kid when he thought he knew it all. Over the years I saw him grow and give, so I knew that if he could recognise that about himself and dramatise it, he had what it took to play this story of a selfish man who learns to become a selfless man.”

About Mila Kunis (Theodora):
“She’s very innocent in the story at first, and Mila could really play that. She’s got a good innocent quality about her, but the wizard breaks her heart, and she finds a terrible anger within her and strikes back. Mila also has that. In Black Swan I saw this twisted darkness in her and I thought, ‘I need that for this role’.”

About Michelle Williams (Glinda):
“She really does have a very good soul, and I think she needed that. When the camera gets in really close the audience knows whether the person has a good soul or not.”

About Rachel Weisz (Evanora):
“I needed someone who’s not just a pretty woman, but someone who you believed had the power to rule a city. Rachel Weisz has that – she can pull upon something inside her that makes me believe that part of her.”

About the movie:
“I hope we’ve created a movie that’s going to be great for the whole family. I hope a mother and father believe they can bring their kids to see it and feel like there’s something in it for the parents and the kids, a great adventure that’s fun and feels like real escapism. I hope it’s totally immersive, like you’ve been to a world you’ve never seen before.”

About a possible sequel:
“Well I never know at this stage. This movie would have to be well received, financially successful, Disney would want to have to do it, then there would have to be a great story. The odds are probably against all those things happening, but you never know.”


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