Mila Nominated for KCA
February 25, 2014

Mila Kunis nominated for Favorite Movie Actress at Kids Choice Awards. Oz The Great and Powerful is also in the running for Favorite Movie.

Voting in the 22 categories begins Feb. 24 across all Nickelodeon digital platforms, including the website and the official Nickelodeon Twitter page.

The Kids’ Choice Awards, hosted by Mark Wahlberg, take place Saturday, March 29. Cast your votes kids!

Q&A with Details Magazine
February 22, 2014

Mila Kunis on Bourbon, her favorite bars, fashion turn-offs, and the male models.

DETAILS: Mila, here’s our new March Fashion issue…
MILA KUNIS: [Pointing to one model:] This guy’s in a bunch of stuff. And he’s on billboards. He’s in something that I see all the time. They’re very pretty men. Look at these men. They’re structured.

DETAILS: So what’s the biggest fashion mistake that men today make?
MILA KUNIS: When guys try to look dirty on purpose it drives me crazy. Like the guys who literally shower and then try to make themselves look disheveled in the mirror and wear beat-up clothes so they look cool and hip. It’s so evident it drives me crazy. I’m also not a fan of guys wearing girls’ jeans. Yeah, like skinny skinny jeans. Tight jeans on men. Jeans that look like leggings on guys are not attractive. And the hair over the face—that’s gotta go. Greasy hair? Gotta go. Chivalry is not dead. And being gentlemanly is a sexy thing. It’s okay to look put together

DETAILS: You’ve worked with a lot of major leading men (James Franco, Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg…) Is there any actor you would especially like to work with that you haven’t yet?
MILA KUNIS: I love Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett. If anyone came to me and said there’s a script, I wouldn’t even need to read it. I’d be like: I’ll do it. On the male side, I think Matt Damon is a great actor. I’d love to work with him some day. But you know you never really go by actors. You go by story or whatever you gravitate towards. When I went into film at 22, I made a conscious effort to surround myself with people who are better and smarter than I am. And I always felt like whether the film is successful or not, at least I learned something. And of course that includes the actors, directors, producers. I want to constantly learn and evolve.

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Mila Kunis on How to Hit on Mila Kunis
February 22, 2014

ESQUIRE.COM: You’ve famously been asked out to the Marine Ball, and to watch soccer or go to a wedding with the kid from BBC radio…
MILA KUNIS: Oh, that’s right!

ESQ: Yeah, he was adorable. But when were you last approached at a bar?
MK: I swear to God we were having this conversation yesterday and I don’t know. Literally, I don’t remember the last time I got hit on.

ESQ: Not one guy has hit on you today?
MK: I might have been hit on by a woman recently, but I’m not 100-percent sure.

ESQ: What was her method?
MK: [Laughs.] Not making any eye contact, [...and snorts] and being really awkward. I’m being such an asshole right now.

ESQ: Well you were famous by about the time you were about 14, so there’s probably an intimidation factor.
MK: There might have been guys with enough cajones to send over a drink. If I was hit on today maybe I just don’t know it. I told my friend that I never get hit on and he’s like, “You’re crazy!” But as far as I know, no, I’ve almost never been hit on.

ESQ: Well I’ll refrain, but what tactic would best work on you?
MK: Make me laugh.

ESQ: Just make you laugh?
MK: For sure. If you can make me laugh, do it. And don’t be an asshole. Don’t be that guy who’s like, “Should I know who you are?” That bullshit ain’t gonna get you far, buddy. But if you’re funny and legit and can make me giggle? Sold.

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‘Make History’ Cocktail Reception
February 21, 2014

Mila attended Jim Beam ‘Make History’ cocktail reception at Bill’s Food & Drink on February 19, 2014 in NYC.

Mila Kunis: “The Stuff That Made Me”
February 21, 2014

Mila Kunis – The Sexiest Woman Alive 2012 – talked to Esquire about music, drinks, literature, acting and how a man should behave.

Music: This is going to sound really clichéd – but The Beatles. They were the first cross over band, and they’re from your country, so that’s awesome. ‘Back In The USSR’ is my favourite song. But I think what makes that band so great is that you can’t really pick and chose, they’re so consistent. I also like U2 and the Foo Fighters – I like any band that stands for something and believes in something.

Literature: I love Huckleberry Finn – it’s a book that’s very influential, very specific to it’s time and it’s oddly controversial to this day. I loved it growing up and it’s so interesting that in 2014 we won’t allow our kids to read it.

Men: I think a man should have his drink on the rocks. I think there’s something sexy, classy and modern about a simple beverage – it’s James Bond style. You never want to see a man who’s pounding shots and making a fool of himself. You want a man who can hold his liquor and sip it.

Drinking: There are three ways I like to drink bourbon. First, as a Penacilin – that’s ginger beer, bourban, soda water and honey – it’s delicious. Then Jim Beam Jacob’s Ghost with soda and lime, and a lot of time I just like black label on the rocks.

On acting: I think the most important thing is to be proud of the choices that you make and learn from them – I’m not perfect, but I’ll stand by my decisions.

Mila In Conversation with Parade
February 21, 2014

Yup one more… Mila in conversation with Parade magazine - talking about Jim Beam, Jupiter Ascending, crazy stunts, aging, etc…

What was it like traveling to the Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky?
“First you get in a car, and then you go to the airport…[laughs] It was wonderful, it actually was really great. I met Fred [Fred Noe, a 7th generation master distiller] there, and his wife, and they are such welcoming people. They threw a barbecue and it was really fantastic and laid back and easy. The distillery was great, it’s almost looks like a family run operation, everyone cares about what it is and what it stands for and you don’t feel like you’re working for the company but rather with the company. To me, that was one of the most important things to see when I was there.”

Who are your favorite drinking buddies?
“My favorite drinking buddies are all married with children, so they’re no longer drinking buddies. What am I, 20? I don’t know, I don’t really have any drinking buddies… I guess your significant other would be your best drinking buddy.”

What do you think your choice of drink says about you?
“I am actually a big proponent of not judging somebody based on what they drink. My dad likes an apple martini. [Laughs] Good luck judging my dad, he’s six-foot-four and a big, burly man, but he likes an apple martini. I, on the other hand, am a girl and I like Jim Beam black label on the rocks. I don’t think it says anything, just whatever your palette is.”

You have a few new movies coming out later this year, what drew you to Jupiter Ascending?
“I thought the script was really interesting, the Wachowski siblings [Andy and Lana, who wrote and directed the film] were great. And Chan [Channing Tatum] and I really wanted to work together, so a sci-fi Wachowski film seemed like a great idea.”

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Mila Opened Up to Nylon
February 21, 2014

Seems like Mila was quite busy during these days. Here‘s another interview to promote Jim Beam. She discussed whiskey, Beyonce (again), wardrobe and The Wolf of Wall Street with Nylon magazine.

Being a Brand Ambassador for Jim Beam
It came to me as a partnership to work with Jim Bean, and I think presenting it that way made more sense to me than working for a company. I always said that you should invest in the person not the company. When I met with Fred Noe (Jim Beam’s great-grandson and brand ambassador) and everybody at Jim Beam in Kentucky, it was such a nice, welcoming family-type of atmosphere. It felt very organic and natural. They were so insistent upon letting me be apart of everything and having say in the campaign, and letting me voice my opinion. That was very important me. I didn‘t want to feel like I was just being a herded sheep through a company. They were great, it‘s a really great partnership.

Whiskey Sours
There‘s the whiskey sour is one of my favorite cocktails. It is delicious. Fred’s wife made one for me at ten o‘clock the morning for me when I arrived, and it was great.

Her Jim Beam Playlist
I’d put country music on a Jim Beam playlist. I don‘t really know why, but that would be what I would do, like some Kid Rock.

I‘m not a picky music person. I love music and I can appreciate all music. Right now, I love Beyonce‘s album but I feel like everybody does so my answer‘s not that creative.

The Wolf of Wall Street
I loved The Wolf of Wall Street. It was such a weird movie. My parents hated it, I loved it. My dad was offended. My mother was like, “There are so many curse words in this movie!” My dad was like, “Why is there so much violence?!” I walked out and was like, “This movie‘s great!”

Wardrobe Basics
When I need to pack on the fly I grab underwear, socks, an extra pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, a black T-shirt, a white bra, a black bra, and a cardigan. That‘s it. I do this all the time. You want to stay away from colors if you pack really fast. Don‘t get creative. Just pack comfortable shoes, always a pair of sneakers because you never know when you‘re gonna go for a long walk. Pack a pair of flats. You don‘t always have to bring heels ladies, you just don‘t.

Mila Dishes on Jim Beam & Jupiter Ascending
February 21, 2014

In a new interview with Nylon Guys, Mila dishes on Jim Beam, Jupiter Ascending, favorite cartoon/TV show, her 1st car and more.

I know you were up in Kentucky at the Jim Beam facilities. How was that whole experience?
I loved it! I think that’s what made me want to work with this company. I mean everyone that works there is so family-based and it’s such an organic company. It was so great because they take pride in what they do and they want to work with you and hear your opinions. I also learned what a Kentucky chew was! Which is so bizarre [she demonstrates the chew for us]. You chew the bourbon so that each part of your mouth gets to experience the individual flavors. And you know what else I learned? When you breathe in bourbon, you open your mouth so you feel it through your mouth.

Has Bourbon always been your drink of choice?
It really hasn’t honestly. It maybe became my go to drink four years ago when I started to appreciate—this is going to sound really stupid [laughs]—but I never really understood the concept of drinking without having to get drunk. So I think the older you get, the more you realize you have to slow it down with the shots. I learned how to appreciate alcohol for what it actually is. And Bourbon, being the type of spirit where you actually sip it and enjoy it, was such a nice change of pace for me.

You have new movie coming out this summer. Can you talk a little bit about Jupiter Ascending and what drew you to that role?
Well, it’s a crazy movie [laughs]. It’s kind of hard to explain. But Channing Tatum and I wanted to work together and this opportunity came up. We both read the script and thought it was awesome, so we decided it would be a really cool opportunity to do a sci-fi movie that was rooted in some sort of honesty. It has do with how as a society, we’re based with a desire to consume. That’s kind of the underlying tone of the movie–besides the fact it’s a fun, wild movie that takes place in space…and I got to kick ass, so.

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Mila Kunis on Pick Up Lines
February 21, 2014

While promoting Jim Beam in NYC, Mila chatted with GQ about the best/worst pick up lines. It’s a pretty funny interview, you guys should all read that thing.

GQ: What’s the best way to buy a girl a drink? Let’s say she’s by herself in a lounge-like setting, no drink in hand.
Mila Kunis: In that case, you have to walk over and be like, “Excuse me, can I buy you a drink?” You can’t be sly about it and ask the waiter what she’s drinking and then send her a drink. You also can’t presume that she likes alcohol, so you don’t want to get her a glass of champagne and then find out she’s allergic to it. Be upfront, sweet, honest, and just ask her.

GQ: What if she’s like, “Alright, peace bro.”
Mila Kunis: Here’s the truth: “No” is okay. I think men need to know that hearing “No” is not that bad. A guy needs to have some cajones and ask. I don’t think anybody’s out of anybody’s league, just be don’t be an asshole. If she’s out with her girlfriends and clearly not interested, leave her alone. Let it be. Test the waters. If she responds, great, if she doesn’t, keep your dignity and walk away, my friend.

GQ: Got it. Read the cues, don’t be pushy.
Mila Kunis: Also, you can send a really cute note. Sometimes when I’m at a dinner with my girlfriends—and I’ve had this happen, I have to say—a guy would send a message over that said, “My friends and I are having a disagreement can you come over?” You walk over and they’re like, “We think you’re the most beautiful girl in the place, now do you agree?” Or something stupid like that. If you can make a girl laugh at the dinner table with her girlfriends, you win.

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Jim Beam Honey Commercial
February 20, 2014

One more “Make History” commercial for Jim Beam Honey goes online. Mila will make her debut in three TV ads that start airing today as part of the brand’s “Make History” campaign scheduled to reach more than 100 markets across the globe.

The TV ads will air in the U.S. across a large range of networks, including ESPN, FXX, Spike, History Channel, AMC, Food Network and on Turner-owned outlets. The campaign also includes print, digital and retail marketing.

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