Full RECAP of Mila’s Reddit AMA

What’s your favorite book?
Oh, my favorite book? AJ Jacobs – anything by him I really find fun, and easy to ready. I also really like – what’s his name – Mitch Albom, anything by him I really like. He wrote a book called FOR ONE MORE DAY, I read it on a plane, and it really stuck with me, and I thought it was a really beautiful book – it starts out with him trying to commit suicide, and he ends up reliving a perfect day with his mom, and I’ve always loved that book. It was the first book that had a really significant impact on me. I got off the phone, called my mom and said “I love you. It’s a really great book.

So, you’ve worked with some notable directors: Darren Aronofksy, Sam Raimi, Paul Haggis, and now the Wachowskis. Is there any other directors you admire and/or would like to work with? Also, what was like kissing Natalie Portman?
Oh my goodness, oh you! Chris Nolan, I would love to work with… let me think… I would love to work with Alejandro González Iñárritu… I think those I would love to work with, right off the top of my head. And how was it making out with Natalie? I mean… when you have a kissing scene in a film it’s not something you think about as a kissing thing. You have all these crew around. But she’s a lovely kisser, very polite. But here’s a little-known fact: there’s one person in the world that both Ashton and I have kissed, and that’s Natalie Portman. Maybe Zoe Saldana too? Though I can’t quite recall when I played Zoe’s girlfriend in a movie…but that could also be it.

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?
Right now, I kinda really want to go to Cuba. Before it gets Westernized. I would want to go to Cuba very quickly.

What was the best thing about working on “That 70s Show?” Did you ever imagine it would be as successful as it was?
You know, at 14 years old, you don’t really contemplate success and that aspect of work, you kinda do things because it’s fun to do. We had an amazing crew and cast, and I had the best 8 years of my life on the show. It’s not something you can force, it’s either something that happens or doesn’t. Yeah! Read More…

Jupiter Ascending Press Junket Interviews

Live Reddit AMA with Mila Kunis TODAY

Mila Kunis will be doing a live Reddit AMA today at 3PM PT / 6PM ET. Ask her anything Jupiter Ascending related HERE

Mila Kunis Guested on Conan

Mila Kunis guested on Conan yesterday and dished on Jupiter Ascending & motherhood. Throught the episode she talked her new boobs, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Ashton’s forcing baby Wyatt to watch lots of NFL games, hoping one day she’ll lead the Chicago Bears.

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Mila Kunis Appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Mila Kunis continues her ‘Jupiter Ascending’ promo duties as she made her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! show last night. She revealed how Ashton got her to sign up for Tinder & Grindr, her mom’s struggle with diapers nowadays and how it felt leaving baby Wyatt at home for the first time.

Twitter Q&A with Mila Kunis: RECAP

The full recap of Mila’s Q&A with fans via @wbpictures twitter account.

1. @princecalum: What makes Jupiter Ascending different from anything you’ve ever done?
I’ve never done a sci-fi film, so, for me, it was a whole new genre.

2. @MadnessBxtch: What’s it like working with Channing Tatum?
Channing is so great. So sweet and a really fun guy!

3. @_CassieDay: Best acting advice you ever received?
Don’t ask. Just be.

4. @winchesterslock: Can you share a funny memory from set?
I almost got run over by a camera that had no one attached to it while I was on wires, so I couldn’t move…that was exciting.

5. @riveroflawrence: What was one of the hardest scenes to film?
There was a scene called 52P, it was 8 minutes long, and we literally shot some part of it every day for 7 months!
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