Mila arriving at LAX Airport

Yesterday, Mila was seen arriving at LAX airport after her flight from New York. She looks fabulous, wearing a drab olive jacket and aviators. Check out 28 high quality photo in our gallery.

Candids from 2012 > Mila arriving at LAX after her flight from New York (April 28)

Photoshoot Week #2 (Day 6)

As I promised yesterday, here is the set of very exclusives promotional photos of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Mila is posing with her co-stars: Kristen Bell, Jason Segel and Rusell Brand. If you wanna use them please give a credit back to us. Check them out

Forgetting Sarah Marshall > Promotional Images

Mila Kunis leaving BodyMaxx gym

Mila continues with her workout routine and was spotted leaving BodyMaxx gym in Beverly Hills yesterday. Check out 24 high-res images in our gallery.

Candids from 2012 > Mila out for her workout routine at the BodyMaxx gym in Beverly Hills (April 27)

Photoshoot Week #2 (Day 5)

5th day of our second photoshoot week is here and you can check out special high quality portrait of Mila posed for Jason Wallace at Sundance Film Festival in 2004.

Keep in your mind if you like to donate any photos of her please email us at Your donation will be welcomed and you will be credited by your name or your site.

Also do not forget to come back tomorrow for some EXCLUSIVE promo pics :)

Portraits & Photocalls > 2004 – Sundance Portraits (Jason Wallace)

CinemaCon 2012: Universal Pictures

Back at CinemaCon 2012. Mila and Seth MacFarlane attended Universal Pictures presentation at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to promote upcoming comedy Ted, during the 4th day of CinemaCon. On stage was shooting special footage of the movie. Cinemablend reported:

“Ted was actually the biggest hit of the Universal presentation. Every single joke hit with a huge laugh, even though most of what was featured in either the green band or red band trailers. What was new, however, was actually quite funny.

The footage began with an extended look at the opening of the film, featuring Mark Wahlberg’s character, John, as a child. The voice-over narration (by, I believe, Patrick Stewart) begins by setting the time and place by announcing that it’s 1985 on Christmas Eve, a time when “Boston children gather together and beat up the Jewish kids.” The scene continued, showing John as an outcast who wishes that his Christmas present, a big teddy bear, would come to life. The next morning, John shows his parents (played by Ralph Garman and Alex Borstein) and while they start off terrified, they eventually look at the birth of Ted as a Christmas miracle. The scene ends with the narrator saying that there’s nothing more powerful than a young boy’s wish ”except an Apache helicopter [which is] an absolute death machine.” The footage ended with an extended version of the hotel fight scene featured in the trailer, and included the fun image of Ted whipping Mark Wahlberg’s bare ass with a television antenna.”

Appearances from 2012 > CinemaCon 2012: Universal Pictures presentation in Las Vegas – On Stage
Appearances from 2012 > CinemaCon 2012: Universal Pictures presentation in Las Vegas – Inside

Photoshoot Week #2 (Day 4)

Today we present high quality outtakes of TV Guide magazine, portraiting the cast of That ’70s Show, photographed by B. Reitzel in 2001. If you wanna use them please give a credit back to us and come back tomorrow for more photos.

Photoshoots from 2001 > B. Reitzel (TV Guide)

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