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The February issue of Singaporean movie magazine F*** (cool name :) ) is featured by a huge 14-pages spread of ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’. Including some interviews with our cast – James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams. Check out the scans and read Mila’s part below!

Is she good, is she bad – what do you make of your character?
She’s good. I think my character is innately good, someone who’s constantly fighting the evil within her. But I do think that she desperately tries to be good.

Do you think there’s a witch within every woman in real life?
Well, what’s a witch? In fantasy land, does every girl fly? No. But does every girl battle good and evil? Well, sure. I think every person does – every man, woman and child. But I don’t know if everybody can fly and have magical powers. That’ll be awesome (laughs)

What evil do you battle within yourself?
I think that’s pretty universal topic. There’s nothing specific but sometimes I don’t wanna get out of bed and I wanna watch TV, but I have to go to work. Anything and everything, I think.

What attracted you to the script, and how did you get on board this film?
I read it years ago when it was in a very different state, with different people involved. Only because I was such a fan of Oz I just wanted to get my hands on the script and read it for fun. And then when it came to the (point that) Sam Raimi (was) directing this movie I was like ‘what?’. They were like, ‘Sam would like to meet you, would you like to read the script?’ and I went ‘Yeah!’, not thinking for two seconds if I was ever going to be in it, purely for entertainment value – it was like reading a book for me. So I read it, I loved it and there was Sam, we had a four-hour long conversation about everything from sisters (I don’t have a sister but the whole thing is like a sisters’ battle) and female relationships among women and men, just life and everything. You know, it was like ‘I met a great person, I read a fun script’ and that was it. Two weeks later, I get a call from James: ‘Hey, are you going to do this movie?’ and I was saying ‘I don´t know, it wasn’t offered to me’ and an hour later Sam called us and said ‘Would you want to be part of this movie?’. I was laughing like ‘Yeah, okay’. (laughs)

Was it fun, to be on set with James (Franco) again? Are you guys very close?
James and I have done eight movies together. We just finished another one (The Third Person) in Italy three weeks ago, he plays my husband. James and I work together really well. Are we friends? If we aren’t friends, I don’t think we would be doing so many movies together. Do we hang out? We’re both busy people so no, we don’t go ‘Hey, I’ve got nothing to do today’ cause I don’t have those days and neither does he. So, do we keep in touch? Yes, but we’ve very rarely in the same city. But it’s great, he was in Italy and we spent Thanksgiving together with all our families. We’ve very good friends.

In this movie the biggest production you´ve been involved in? What was it like working on such a big production?
By far. I can’t say there wasn’t any pressure, but not towards the actors. It was just the sets were so grand. At one point James and I were riding on a horse carriage to Emerald City and it was 4 a.m. and you literally look around and every crew member was the best of the best. Our special effects-department, the people that did the make-up all had Oscars or were nominated or have been doing this since, you know, I don’t know, the original Swamp (Thing) films? Everybody from the grips to the camera department, everybody was just the first tier. And everybody wanted to do it. The grand scope of things, it was huge. We were literally on a horse carriage heading towards Emerald City and you look to the left and it was the mass special effects department and everybody was brilliant, they’re all assisting each other and they’re all just wanted to be there. So to work on a film this size just attracts such talented crew. It’s amazing, the sets were designed by Robert (Stromberg) who went on to direct, I can’t recall, the Angelina Jolie movie (Maleficent), so he’s directing that movie and he did our set design and he’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And so you have this incredible group of people, and that’s what I think is the difference in working on a film that can afford such a luxury.

Did you guys have cabin fever, shooting in the studio facility in the middle of nowhere?
No, I’ll say I didn’t. I love the immunity of Detroit so I would say no. I would like to say that 17 hours a day without having seen daylight is easy but it’s fun, ultimately. It’s only six months.

With so many fantasy movies coming out lately, do you think it’s a phase?
I think they’ve always been around, it’s just that we may be more aware of them today. I think little girls will always have a fantasy land they built for themselves of fairies and Tinkerbells or whatever it may be and little boys will always have their pirate ships from Peter Pan. I think they are always on constant rotation, you are just maybe more aware of it now. I’m not being an asshole by saying that but I just don’t think it’s a phase. I think little kids are always in a fantasy world, it’s what makes little kids so wonderful.

Do you think there are more movies now of women in power?
That’s not true. Because I think there’re three (such) movies now. So that’s three more, it’s not that much more. It’s not like you see an immense amount of films where women are in power, you see very little of them. They just do not exist. (They are) very limited and a lot of them are comedy-based. You has your Shelley Longs, you had movies like Overboard and I Love Lucy but that was it, they were very limited as to women that held power in television or film. I think it’s still very heavy in the girlfriend department, very heavy in the stand-there-and-look-pretty department. I do think that it’s changing 100% but I wouldn’t say it has changed. I think women are in a constant state of having to prove themselves, whether in this industry or the tech world or in any sort of environment where it even requires some sort of intelligence. And I do mean that, women are constantly having to prove themselves. Women are still earn less than men, in general and in this industry. By far less.

Do you think Zero Dark Thirty is an exception to the rule?
Oh yes, completely an exception to the rule. Absolutely. Name me another one in the past five years. It’s really limited. It’s baffling to me how limited it is but it´s weird ’cause when they come out they do well and are so well-respected. And the reception is all so open arms and ‘this is great’ but we won’t have another one for two to three years.

What do you think makes a person great and powerful?
Intelligence in knowing when you don’t know something.

What makes a good man?
Same answer. I think that makes good people: to (be able to) say ‘I don´t know’. I think that wanting to learn and (admitting) that you may not know everything is a very empowering characteristic, and ultimately makes you grow. To assume that you know everything, you don’t.

You seem secure about who and what you are. Are you the go-to person among your close friends?
You are very sweet! Honestly, everybody who’s in my life has been in my life since I was 10 years old. My two best girlfriends – Cat, whom I’ve known since I was seven and a half, she’s my best friend: Julia, whom I’ve known since I was nine, she’s my best friend. My hair and make-up team that I travel with, I’ve travelled with since I was 15. My manager is my second mum, I’ve known her since I was nine. Her family and my family, they go on vacations together, they travel together. It’s not a question, I think there is a sense of loyality that I may have towards other people that I do believe is reciprocated. I think that gives you a sense of confidence.

Do they feel intimidated by you?
No. Let me tell you. My true friends, they are not intimidated by me at all! I just tell it like it is and it goes both ways. Listen, these girls – one’s a dentist and one runs a public school in L.A., these are not girls that you… I’m like the black sheep of the group, it’s like ‘What happened to you?’.

Do you think your friends would tell you if you’re acting like a total bitch?
It hasn’t happened yet. Should it occur, I would hope so! (laughs)


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