Jupiter Ascending Filming – July 31

Yesterday, Mila was seen again on the set of Jupiter Ascending in Joliet, Illinois. Check out 2 sets of herbetween the takes on a corn farm and greeting fans later that night.

Jupiter Ascending > July 31 – Mila between takes on a corn farm in Joliet, Illinois
Jupiter Ascending > July 31 – Mila greeting fans on the set of Jupiter Ascending

New Stills of Oz The Great and Powerful

Seems like Disney wants to surprise us every day. 2 production stills of Oz: The Great and Powerful has been added. Enjoy!

Oz: The Great and Powerful > Production Stills

Photoshoot Week #5 (Day 7)

Last day! We’re finishing up with 2008 shoot for Flaunt magazine. One unseen photo + 3 well known in HQ. Stay tuned for our “next time photoshoot week” soon!

Photoshoots from 2008 > D. Flood (Flaunt Magazine)

Interview with Mila for Flare Magazine

Mila share some informations about working with Justin Timberlake, her fashion style, her guilty plesure and her next plans.

On working with Justin Timberlake: “There wasn’t one day [on set] when I didn’t crack up. Justin has become one of my closest friends. We realized we had the same sense of humor, we got along really well and we had the same opinions on things.”

On her red carpet style: “I’m a very casual person in real life, so I do find it very fun to be able to have the opportunity to dress up.”

On her guilty pleasure: “I love bad TV, so if I can just stay home on a Sunday and catch up on my horrible reality shows, with my dogs and my Pinkberry, to me that’s heaven.”

On her next move: “I’ve never had honest time off. I’ve always been reading scripts and looking at projects, so come January of next year I’m going to take a solid couple of months off and hopefully go travel. Like, truly travel. Travel and see the world and experience life.”

For more information, visit flare.com

Source: justjared.buzznet.com

Movie Maker Outtakes

5 new outtakes from Movie Maker Magazine have been uploaded. These images was photographed in November 2010 by Robin Holland, featured Mila and Darren Aronofsky. Take a look!

001 002 003 004 005

Photoshoots from 2010 > Robin Holland (Movie Maker Portraits)

Jim Jordan Portraits

We’ve added to the gallery 9 unseen portrait photos photographed by Jim Jordan from year 2002. Mila is such a cutie lady :) Check them out by clicking on the thumnbnails below!

001 002 003 004 005

Photoshoots from 2002 > Jim Jordan Portraits