Mila Kunis Talked to SFX Magazine

Jupiter Ascending is featured in SFX’s January issue, as a part of their 2015 Movie Preview. In the 1-page interview, Mila talks about the relationship between Jupiter and Caine (Channing Tatum), the film’s emotional story, living on purpose and more…

Can you describe the relationship between your character, Jupiter, and Channing Tatum’s character, Caine?
My character meets him and he instantly taked her on this crazy journey, where there’s this really long action sequence, with a chase between aliens and spaceships in the middle of Chicago; and we shot it in the middle of Chicago. He’s like, “This is what happens” and “This is life” and “Here’s some aliens in their spaceships.” And she’s like, “This can’t be life. This is crazy. Am i hallucinating? Maybe I’m under drugs?” He’s like, “No, no. This is real life.”

What’s the film’s emotional story?
It’s about destiny. I fall in love with him, he falls in love with me.

Was this the most physically challenging film you’ve worked on?
Yes. The whole film was a massive boot camp. I have no body fat in this movie for the first time in my life. For five days a week, you train every single day, for six months. Just work out all day long for six months and you too will have no body fat! We both got in trouble for losing too much weight. It was really bad.

Jupiter begins the film feeling as though she has no purpose. Have you ever felt that way?
I’ve never thought about a purpose, but I was always working or in school. Even at my lowest when I was trying to figure my life out or going through puberty I never doubted myself like Jupiter did. I always had a very good backbone, being my family. Which was always an incredible support system. So anytime I questioned anything it was never as dire as Jupiter. I think Jupiter feels like she’s alone. I’ve always been very lucky where I never felt alone.

W August 2014 – Magazine Scans

High quality scans of Mila’s W Mag issue have been uploaded to the gallery. Take a look!

Mila Kunis Covers W Magazine

Mila Kunis graces the August cover of W Magazine in a beautiful shot by Michael Thompson. August issue is “The Insiders Issue – Fall Fashion” and hits newsstands next Wednesday (July 9, 2014) More info soon!

Mila Kunis in Cineplex Magazine

This month’s Cineplex features a 3 page spread dedicated to Mila and Jupiter Ascending. In an interview she discusses picking the right projects, Jupiter Jones, Wachowskis, Channing Tatum, Star Trek and more…

You’ve said you don’t plan your career, but you’re definitely branching out and choosing interesting projects.
“Yeah. In my early twenties I decided I wasn’t going to work for the sake of working. I was able to pick projects I was proud of. Now, whether or not they were going to succeed, or whether or not people were going to like them was another thing. They were projects that inspired me and were going to motivate me and drive me.”

And you had to fight typecasting.
“Yes, I started picking projects to prove people wrong. Everybody wanted me to do romantic comedies and I was like, ‘No, I can do other things!’ And so it becomes this battlefield. And then there’s an action movie that comes around and they say, ‘Well, we don’t know if you can do action.’ So you knock down doors and you fight and fight and fight, and prove them wrong. ”

How are you feeling? How’s your pregnancy going?
“It’s great. I have no complaints. Life is fantastic.”

Describe Jupiter Jones, your character in Jupiter Ascending.
“Jupiter Jones is a very naive, very sweet girl who lives in Chicago, whose world is turned upside down when Channing’s character comes and takes her away and shows her a world outside of Earth. He explains to her that there is a higher purpose to her than just being who she is.”

What can people expect from the film?
“It’s really fun movie, it’s really smart, but also a really fun movie. You can look at the underlying tones of consumption and the human desire to need and want, and that’s great, but it’s also just a fun film to go and see.”

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Jupiter Ascending Cast Interviewed by Empire Magazine

After Total Film and SFX, here’s another magazine offering insider look at Jupiter Ascending. Mila Kunis, Eddie Redmayne, Sean Bean and producer Grant Hill have spoken with Empire Magazine. Read their interview below!

It’s not often in these days of sequels and reboots, caked in a thick meringue of prescribed mythology, that Empire gets to ask that most simple of questions. However, with only a blitz of space-age thingamabobs skittering through a pair of grandiose trailers and production art like prog-rock album sleeves to go on – the early sell for an original science-fiction epic – there is no alternative but to pitch with the basics. What, pray tell, is your film about?

“Imagine,“ answers Eddie Redmayne giving it the fill Professor Biran Cox extoling the intricacies of the heavens atop an Icelandic summit, “you have these incredibly wealthy aristocratic families out in space, who have various businesses.“ In fairness to the good professor’s scientific credibility, this is a fictional version of our universe the actor is explaining. “Our business, the Abrasax business, it that we take planets. We let people or animals living on said planets get to a Darwinian state of perfection; then we harvest the planet and make them into serum. It’s a profit-driven thing. It makes you younger.“

Redmayne, we should make clear, is speaking from the perspective of the chief villain of Jupiter Ascending. Eldest of three siblings, and ruthless centre of a power struggle for the family business, Balem is a vainglorious, intemperate creature whose palatial bathroom boats unhindered views of the planet Jupiter. He has a voice like shifting tectonics, and chambion abs. His siblings, alien beauties Titus (Douglas Booth) and Kalique (Tuppence Middleton), dwell on their own worlds, each fashioned to their own worlds, each fashioned tot heir own persuasion. Their mother’s recent demise – „under dodgy circumstances“ – has lept Balem in shaky charge of the Solar System-spanning dealership in time-erasing cosmetics. The familial tussle, he insists, has „vast ramifications“. Especially as their mother’s exact genetic make-up may yet appear again. It will, of course, in the guise of Mila Kunis.

Her chirpy, wiseacre voice cutting through the telephone static from LA, Kunis would like to make clear she plays a human being, living on Earth, totally unaware of this vast, corrupt universe, bejewelled in visual effects. In fact, she’s a janitor, cleaning toilets, shortly to be thrust into a ‚real world‘ she could never have imagined (sound familiar?). “She get taken away on a journey into a very surreal universe and gets partnered up with Channing’s character,“ Kunis reports delightedly. “And she meets her doppelgänger or alternate reality in space. The best way I can describe this film is that I go on a soaring space adventure… in a buddy kind of format.“ Significantly, Kunis‘ Jupiter Jones was born under the ascension of the great gas giant. This seems like a good point to establish that Channing Tatum’s character. Caine, is a hybrid or „splice“. A distinct feature of this outlandish and decadent off-world is that humans intermingle their genes with the best characteristics of animals. People can alter their make-up for the better, gaining a dog’s olfactory powers or the hearing of a lion. Balem possesses a set of „pretty hardcore dragon henchmen“. They fly. Tatum’s Caine, meanwhile, is a splice of human and wolf – the perfect soldier. “He gets hired by somebody to come and take me,“ says Kunis. “Not exactly in a negative way – it’s more that a lot of people are after my character and you don’t know who is in it for the right reasons and who for the wrong reasons. My character learns as the audience learns. You see through her eyes.“

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Jupiter Ascending in SFX “August issue”

Jupiter Ascending is featured in the August issue of SFX magazine. Mila, Channing and Sean talk about their characters, Wachowskis, extraordinary storyline, flying in spaceships and the longest sequence to shoot.

The Wachowskis have flung filmgoers into the far-off future and the distant past, into the worlds of graphic novels and anime, and into the very heart of dreams and nightmares. Their next epic, the space operatic Jupiter Rising, flips their most celebrated effort, The Matrix. For where The Matrix plunged its viewers inward, Jupiter takes audiences straight to outer space. Where The Matrix featured a male protagonist destinated to lead his people from tyranny of a dystopia, Jupiter focuses on a female saviour. And where The Matrix’s champion was a superman, Jupiter’s titular heroine is a normal human being. Well, not too normal. She is, after all, played by Mila Kunis. “My character never knew she was destinated for anything,” says Kunis when SFX sits down to speak with the star in Los Angeles. “Never. She kind of gave up on the idea of having a higher purpose than what was given to her.”

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