New Gemfields Photo
March 17, 2014

New beyond gorgeous photo of Mila’s current Gemfields campaign just surfaced online. Take a look!

Gemfields’ Montepuez Ruby Mine Promo
February 19, 2014

Gemfields has released new promo for the’ Montepuez Ruby Mine in Mozambique. The beautiful clip features an extended footage from Mila’s trip to Zambia and Ian Harebottle’s short praise about her involvement.

We’re very excited, really excited. I think she’s gonna play an important role – she’s young, she’s energetic, she’s passionate. It was very important to Gemfields, when choosing the face about ethical gemstones, as we found somebody that shared our value system.

Mila Talked to Harper’s Bazaar
February 6, 2014

Earlier this week, Mila talked to Harper’s Bazaar about her Gemfields partnership, personal style, beauty routines and more

What drew you to working with Gemfields?
It was the ethical aspects honestly. Working with a precious gemstone company was interesting. I didn’t really want to do something that everyone else has done. I’ve always stayed away from signing to do work with companies I don’t believe in. I did that once, and I have to tell you it’s one of the hardest things to work with a company that you don’t stand by. So when this came along, it’s different, it’s unique, it’s special, it’s something that no one has ever done.

What was it like traveling to Zambia to see the brand’s emerald mine last year?
When you get an opportunity to travel to Africa at any point in your life it’s a blessing. Getting to be with such amazing people is truly something I cannot put into words. They were so welcoming, and so inviting. I didn’t get to just go to a hotel and get on a Greyhound bus tour to see all the beautiful places. I actually got to go to the village and go and see the community. They’re an open-minded and very transparent company and they take pride in that. The fact that they supply their employees with contracts in Africa is unheard of. It was incredibly fulfilling.

Do you have any fun stories from the trip?
I say this as a joke, but you do see elephants cross the road and you do see giraffes cross the road. You wake up in the morning and have a bowl of cereal and you turn around and your bowl of cereal was stolen by a monkey. Weird things like that happen every day. It’s normal.

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Mila Dishes on Gemfields and Channing Tatum
February 5, 2014

Elle’s Joe Zee recently sat down with Mila Kunis in New York City to talk about her new campaign with Gemfields, the leading supplier of responsibly sourced colored gemstones, where the fashionable star also got to chat about her cool, laid-back style and her highly anticipated science fiction film Jupiter Ascending co-starring Channing Tatum.

“Chan’s great. He’s like the brother you want and have,” she says. “I love him, he’s great. We had an amazing six-seven month shoot. It was really hard, but we had each other, and we had so much fun doing it. He’s a great guy. He’s a great guy to a girl because he’s like a big brother, and he’s a great guy’s guy because he’ll just go to the pub and have a pint with you, and no frills about it. He’s like, a legit grounded human being, which is really rare.”
As for being the face of Gemfields, Kunis couldn’t be prouder.
“They take so much pride in being a transparent company, and that was incredibly evident when I came to see them,” she says about actually visiting their mines in Africa. “They actually care about the environment which is rare, and they care about the surroundings, the neighboring towns and they put so much effort into building up a strong community.”
As for her own much celebrated personal style, she revealed one of her favorite outfits — which centers around a simple white t-shirt.
“I do this thing called white t-shirt dates which is like jeans — your baggy boyfriend jean — a Ked, white t-shirt , a really cute sexy blazer — even if it’s like a little Chanel blazer or something — and call it a day.”

Source: ET Online

Gemfields 2014 Campaign & BTS
February 5, 2014

“The latest Gemfields campaign was shot by Peter Lindbergh and it was incredibly natural — I think it was probably the most natural I’ve ever felt on a shoot! It was all about being free, present and totally at peace with nature and the environment.” – Mila Kunis

Mila spoke to Vogue UK about her African trip and brand new campaign:

“The visit to the Kagem emerald mine was fascinating and the trip itself was unforgettable – it was also the first time I’d been to Africa! Zambia is a beautiful country, and the people were wonderful. I think the highlight was visiting the schools and clinics that Gemfields support, although being able to hold raw emerald crystals in my hands for the first time was pretty awesome! These gems have been forming underground for millions of years, and for me to be the first person to touch them – well you really start to appreciate their rarity.”

(About working with Lindbergh) “It was incredible – there was an immediate connection between us, he made me feel totally at ease,” she said. “I actually forgot that we were on a campaign shoot at times. He really just has the amazing ability to capture this honest moment – it never felt posed or forced, and I think that comes through in the images.”

“When we talked through the direction and that the focus was on natural beauty – which really meant no make-up, no blow day and no retouching – I have to say I was a little anxious. Peter has a way of making you feel bare and raw, but in a funny way it’s the most beautiful I have ever felt on a photo shoot.”

Gemfields ‘Campaign Launch’ Party
February 4, 2014

Yesterday, Gemfields & Mila celebrated their latest campaign, along with the launch of EMERALD, a book dedicated to the world’s rarest gemstone. Check out HQ photos in our gallery

Appearances from 2014 > Gemfields & Mila Kunis Celebrate their Latest Campaign held at St. Regis, NYC

Gemfields “Beauty By Nature”
February 3, 2014

Second Gemfields campaign featuring Mila is going to be revealed TODAY at exclusive launch of “Emerald” party in NYC (assuming she should attend). The alluring new campaign called “Beauty By Nature” was photographed by Peter Lindbergh. Thanks to British Vogue here’s the official promo video.

New BTS photo of Gemfields
October 14, 2013
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One more b/w BTS photo of Mila’s Gemfields campaign has been released. If you are currently in London or have plans to go anytime soon, visit ‘The Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels’ exhibit sponsored by Fabergé and Gemfields at the Museum of London (11 October 2013 – 27 April 2014)

Ads / Campaigns > Gemfields 2013 > Gemfields 2013 – BTS

Extended Gemfields Promo Video
July 3, 2013
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Another promo for Gemfields has been released. Video features some new scenes and follows Mila’s journey as she tours Gemfields’ Zambian mine, Kagem.

In Conversation with Mila Kunis
June 4, 2013
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VG – What made you want to work with Gemfields?
Mila: I was not interested in doing any sort of endorsement for any sort of company, let alone a jewelry or stone-based company. I didn’t need to. Also because I did it before, and I didn’t like it and didn’t enjoy myself and didn’t like working for a company I didn’t know much about. Then I met Ian who is the CEO/COO of Gemfields and the team. And they care so much about the company that it made me really excited to be a part of their family. And their outlook on a company is so different than the way most people look at a company. Most people look at a company as an end result, all they care about is the profit and the final product. But Gemfields really cares so much about the process and how to get there and whom it affects and how it affects him. Where the gem comes from and the environment. That empowered me and made me want to be a part of that family.

VG – Do you have a favorite colored precious or semiprecious gemstone?
Mila: Now for me it’s the emerald. Because I’ve learned that every emerald has its fingerprint where you can trace it back to the continent and the mine where it came from. You can’t do that with any other stone.

VG – Is this the first time you are involved in jewelry?
Mila: Yes. The great thing is that I don’t feel like I’m hawking a jewelry line. I feel like I’m part of something that is so much more than that. It’s introducing the world or reintroducing the world to some beautiful stones that I think that people have forgotten about.

VG – Have you ever wanted to be involved in this magical world?
Mila: No. I never wanted to be involved. I was never a jewelry person. I don’t wake up accessorizing my outfits. But I have so much more of an appreciation and understanding for it now due to being a part of this. Now I love it. It’s crazy but true.

VG – Do you have a piece of jewelry you are fond of like a gift you’ve received?
Mila: My grandmother gave me her ring a couple of years ago. I love it. It’s a ruby. Diamonds weren’t big in the 1920s, 1930s or 1940s. People didn’t look at diamonds as things of value. It was about rubies.

VG – What do you think of the incredible diversity of jewelry involved in this amazing project?
Mila: That is the beauty of Gemfields. They bring so many different cultures and types of jewelry together. Some people are doing antique stuff to Art Deco to modern to vintage. It’s the beauty of being part of this company. It’s massively diverse.

VG – What determines the value of a jewelry piece?
Mila: Whatever it is to you. The emotional attachment to jewelry. I don’t think it should be monetary. To me it is who gave it to me and what it was given for.

Source: Vogue Italia

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