New Pics of Mila for Gemfields

Ending this year with some real beauty - take a look at our exclusive dose of unseen Gemfields photos.

100 Good Deeds Bracelet – Video

Mila Kunis for Gemfield’s 100 Good Deeds Bracelet

Mila Kunis models Gemfield’s Good Deed bracelet, made in collaboration with activist designer Mary Fisher, which aims to encourage kindness around the world. Handcrafted by women in Zambia using Gemfields’ amethyst beads, 100 per cent of the proceeds from the sale of each bracelet will be donated to the Abataka Foundation.

The Abataka Foundation provides economic and educational opportunities to women and girls across Africa and elsewhere. Proceeds from the sale of 1GD bracelets are reinvested in the program, supporting more women and girls with more training in even more countries.

Featuring 100 ethically mined Gemfields Zambian amethyst beads, the bracelet symbolizes a commitment to perform good deeds and bring about positive change in the world. Building off of the success of the original 100 Good Deeds bracelet, this limited-edition piece also celebrates giving back— a fundamental tenet of the Gemfields brand.

Visit for more information and shop the bracelet.

Mila Kunis Designed ‘Motherhood Ring’


Gemfields Global Ambassador, Mila Kunis, and Marina B have joined together to create an emerald ring in celebration of motherhood. To honor this precious gift, Gemfields, the leading supplier of responsibly sourced colored gemstones, gave Mila the opportunity to design a ring with Marina B. One hundred percent of the profit from the sale of the Marina B and Gemfields ‘Mila’ Motherhood ring will be donated to the Gemfields Nkana Health Center in Zambia, in support of an upgrade and the addition of a maternity clinic.

“Carrying a child and bringing new life into the world marks the start of an incredible journey. Throughout history, every culture has its own way of recognising this extraordinary event, often with a gift for mother or child. Precious green emeralds are traditionally symbols of motherhood, wisdom, and long-lasting love. But they are also a symbol for hope in many cultures, and so the proceeds from this collection of Motherhood Rings will benefit the opening of Gemfields Nkana Health Centre, where four new wards have been built – a major undertaking that will have long-lasting benefits to the local community.”

Crafted in 18 karat yellow gold and featuring a Gemfields Zambian emerald with the iconic Marina B cut. The Mila ring is priced from $4800. Limited production. Click HERE to reserve the ring.

Gemfields 2013: BTS Photos

A few months ago we came across these ‘never seen before’ BTS photos – taken during the making of Mila’s Gemfields campaign last year. Worth to share cause she looks fabulous!

New Gemfields Photo

New beyond gorgeous photo of Mila’s current Gemfields campaign just surfaced online. Take a look!

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