Black Swan is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Watch the exclusive sneak peek at some of the behind-the-scenes goodies from the Special Features – including a look at Portman’s intense ballet training for the role.

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Mila Defends Co-Star Natalie Portman’s ‘Black Swan’ Dancing

Kunis disputes statements made by Portman’s body double that the actress did only 5% of the dancing featured in the movie.

Add Mila Kunis to the list of those who have come to the defense of her Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman in the wake of accusations that her body double did most of the dancing in the movie.

“Of the full body shots, I would say 5% are Natalie,” American Ballet Theater dancer Sarah Lane recently said. “All the other shots are me.”

On Monday, Kunis joined the movie’s director, Darren Aronofsky, and Portman’s fiance, Benjamin Millepied, in defending the actress, who won an Oscar for her role. Fox Searchlight, the studio behind Black Swan, also has insisted that Portman did most of the dancing in the movie.

“Natalie danced her a– off,” Kunis told Entertainment Weekly. “I think it’s unfortunate that this is coming out and taking attention away from [the praise] Natalie deserved and got.”

Kunis also said Portman has admitted that her techniques were far from perfect.

“She’ll tell you, no, she was not on pointe when she did a fouette [turn],” Kunis said. “No one’s going to deny that. But she did do every ounce of every one of her dances. [Lane] wasn’t used for everything. It was more like a safety net. If Nat wasn’t able to do something, you’d have a safety net. The same thing that I had — I had a double as a safety net. We all did. No one ever denied it.”

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Lane said via email that she earned $6,000 for just over six weeks of work on the movie, which has grossed $281.6 million at the worldwide box office so far.

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Are You A Black Swan or A White Swan?


In celebration of the release of the Academy-Award winning Black Swan, which is out on Blu-ray and DVD March 29th, here is a new website that will reveal your deepest secrets and desires: the Black Swan Experience.

Immerse yourself into the world of dreams and reality. Site users are shown a series of film clips and asked to click on words/phrases that best describe their emotional reaction to that clip. The experience morphs depending on the responses chosen, ultimately leading users to “transform” into the White Swan or Black Swan. The result is a tailored piece of visual poetry, an individual’s emoti-poem, that can be shared with others. All the emoti-poems are also housed in the video gallery to create a collective, evolving experience.

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Voting For The 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Voting For The 2011 MTV Movie Awards begins yesterday! Help choose the nominees and make sure your favourites are considered for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. You only have until April 5, so don’t wait. Voting for the Best Movie category remains open throughout the show on June 5. Vote now!

Mila features as Best Female Performance and Black Swan as Best Movie

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Black Swan Behind the Scenes

To the gallery has been uploaded one high quality photo from Behind the Scenes of Mila’s latest movie Black Swan. Check out by clicking on thumbnails below.

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Black Swan Press Conference HQ

Additional 11 high quality images, photographed during “Black Swan” Press Conference at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on November 15, 2010. Check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below.

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