Askmen Top 99 Women 2013 Edition

Askmen.COM just released full list of Top 99 Women for 2013. Mila is #2, beaten only by Jennifer Lawrence. We are still waiting for #1 maybe next year :)

Now see why is Mila # 2?

This year, besides costarring in Ted, the Seth MacFarlane-helmed raunchy summer blockbuster, Mila Kunis was also dubbed the sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine. With just one look at this pint-sized 29-year-old beauty, it’s no surprise that she’s been honored with such a title. And, on the heels of that honor, Christian Dior recently named Mila the face of one of its Spring fashion campaigns. Needless to say, Meg Griffin has had a hell of a year.

Top 10:
1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Mila Kunis
3. Kate Upton
4. Rihanna
5. Emma Stone
6. Miranda Kerr
7. Kristen Stewart
8. Jessica Gomes
9. Jessica Paré
10. Michelle Jenneke

BTW: Askmen.UK also released their own list, and ranked Mila as # 6. Tell me your opinion! .

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